Investment criteria

We welcome applications from potential investees for projects across the agricultural value chain (with the exception of tobacco and potable ethanol) and for any low and middle-income countries in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). AgDevCo may also invest in upper-middle income SSA countries (like South Africa) where there is strong development impact and with partners that have intention to also invest other low and middle-income countries on the continent. 

We evaluate each application strictly on merit according to our investment criteria:   

  • proven business model (and full business plan and financial operating history for larger investments)
  • strong management team
  • potential for long-term growth
  • potential positive impact on people, economies and the environment
  • and in line with our Investment Policy and Procedures.

Responsible investment is core to the long-term success of our investments. As a minimum, we require potential investees to be compliant with all applicable local and international laws, and our Responsible Business Principles. We also require investees to work toward international environmental, social and governance good practice via a structured plan. Ultimately, we will measure the success of our investments by the commercial return and the long-term transformational impact they make.

Working with AgDevCo


If your business meets our investment criteria and you would like to learn more about our investment process, please contact us at