What we do

We finance

We provide long-term risk capital, and seasonal working capital in amounts of USD2 million to USD 10 million. We can also mobilise matching grant funding to support the development of smallholder outgrower programmes.

1. Equity as ordinary or preferred shares

  • A preference for significant minority positions
  • Requires a clear exit route
  • Majority of financing must be for growth capital, not secondary purchases

2. Mezzanine loans with flexible repayment profiles and tenors of up to 10 years

  • Low interest rates plus an equity kicker linked to project success
  • Extended grace periods reduce burden on cashflow during investment period
  • No dilution of voting rights
  • Leaves collateral for additional borrowing (e.g. for working capital)

3. Senior loans secured against fixed assets

4. Working capital secured against customer contracts and/ or physical collateral

We engage

We work closely with our investees as collaborative partners. We bring expertise from over 12 years of direct investment experience in African agriculture having worked with many of the leading agribusiness on the continent across a wide range of different crops types and markets. 

We support our investees both at an operational and strategic level, providing practical, day-to-day commercial and agronomic advice, tailored to your needs. AgDevCo employees and expert nominees also act as board members of many of our investee companies, sharing best practice knowledge and providing access to our extensive networks.

Specialist Support