Specialist support

Applying expertise to support investments

We offer specialist, in-house and on-going support to our investees via our specialist teams. These teams work with investees from the outset of our investment to our agreed exit or reinvestment, supporting their business across a range of disciplines.

Value-adding teams

Our specialist teams are essential to the success of our investments as their services add unique value in developing sustainable agribusinesses. Depending on the outcomes of risk and cost-benefit assessments for each investment, we use our teams where they are most needed during the course of our investment process – from pre-screening and due diligence work to compliance audits, best practice activities and specific technical support.

Commercial agriculture team

Agricultural and technical professionals, with deep knowledge of Africa, working alongside the investment teams to advise on risk, compliance, agronomy and crop protection. Post investment, the team promotes responsible investment criteria and supports investees in technical management and investment execution.

Enterprise development team

Provides advice and practical solutions to improve financial control environments of investees. This includes financial systems and controls strengthening, effective financial reporting, tax compliance, working capital management, budgeting and cash flow forecasting and accounting systems advice and implementation support.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) team

Advises on proportionate good practice ESG systems, making businesses more resilient, impactful and investment-ready. Includes compliance, social and safeguarding, environment, food safety, biosecurity, H&S, risk management, and governance issues.