Developing viable, commercial businesses

We have a long-term outlook, recognising that early-stage agribusinesses can take ten years or more to reach maturity. We can support agribusinesses that would otherwise struggle to secure financing on affordable terms.


Our investments

AgDevCo primarily focuses on raising debt and equity for commercial investment. It also provides technical assistance through its specialist teams. AgDevCo’s funds under management are $280m. Click through the table below to see the gross committed value for our different investments.

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Country No. Gross committed investment Investment type Start date
Côte d'Ivoire 2 $15,260,000
A2P€5,500,000Debt / Equity
DekelOil$9,760,000Debt / Equity
Ghana 1 $4,000,000
Babator Irrigated Farming Hub (BIFH)$4,000,000Debt / Equity2016
Kenya 3 $10,500,000
Afrimac$2,500,000Debt / Equity2019
Evergreen Avocado Limited$8,000,000Debt / Equity2023
Victory Farms Limited - Debt / Equity2021
Malawi 5 $18,920,000
Afri-Oils$4,750,000Debt / Equity & Technical assistance2016
Jacoma – Tropha$6,900,000Debt / Equity & Technical assistance2014
Kapani$2,070,000Debt / Equity2017
Kasinthula$4,000,000Debt / Equity2019
Phata Sugar Cooperative$1,200,000Debt / Equity2016
Mozambique 5 $12,875,000
AC Matama$500,000Debt / Equity2014
ECA$2,645,000Debt / Equity2011
Quinta da Bela Vista Limitada (QBV)$3,000,000Debt / Equity
Transurban$1,150,000Debt / Equity2018
Westfalia Fruto$5,580,000Debt / Equity2014
Rwanda 3 $9,450,000
Kigali Farms Limited$450,000Debt / Equity2016
Minimex$3,000,000Debt / Equity2019
Uzima Chicken$6,000,000Debt / Equity2017
Tanzania 8 $15,820,000
Africado - Debt / Equity & Technical assistance2019
East Africa Fruits Farm & Company Limited$400,000Debt / Equity2015
Equity For Tanzania Limited (EFTA)$5,000,000Debt / Equity2015
Kingchick Poultry$255,000Debt / Equity2017
Lungu Limited$320,000Debt / Equity2013
Pee Pee Tanzania Limited (PPTL)$5,000,000Debt / Equity2020
Sasumua Holdings Limited$2,340,000Debt / Equity2012
Suma Hydro Power Project$2,505,000Debt / Equity2016
Uganda 3 $12,600,000
Great Lakes Coffee$5,000,000Debt / Equity2018
Gulu Agricultural Development Company (GADC)$5,000,000Debt / Equity & Technical assistance2016
Nakifuma Farming Company$2,600,000Debt / Equity2019
Zambia 4 $16,115,000
Goldenlay - Debt / Equity2019
Ilobezi Limited$1,200,000Debt / Equity2016
Katito Farming Enterprises Ltd$9,200,000Debt / Equity2017
Saise Farming Enterprises Ltd (SFEL)$5,715,000Debt / Equity2016

Balanced investment portfolio

Capital committed along value chain
Capital committed by country