Babator Irrigated Farming Hub (BIFH)

Irrigated farming hub, with a commercial farming block, processing facilities and an ingrower area.

Investment information

Committed investment
Primary production with added-value activity
Primary value chain focus
Committed investment
Primary value chain focus

Our role

AgDevCo's committed investment of over $4 million has secured a 10,369-hectare 50-year land lease with the relevant authorities in a traditional land tenure environment. In order to show the yield potential of crops not yet grown commercially in the area, detailed technical studies (including soil, topography and irrigation engineering) and six seasons of crop trials have been carried out. With over seven years of project development experience, we have completed all feasibility and technical studies, developed a good relationship with the community and developed a 356-ha irrigated 'proof of concept' at the Babator Farming Company.

Our investments in Ghana

Investment Total invested Investment type Start date
Babator Irrigated Farming Hub (BIFH) $4,000,000Debt / Equity2016