Engaging with our stakeholders

Find out more about our teams, funding partners and how we have become a leading catalyst for change in African agriculture.

Our Structure

AgDevCo Limited is incorporated in the UK as a private limited company. Its shares are owned by AgDevCo Holdings Limited, a company limited by guarantee that exists to preserve AgDevCo’s mission to invest in African agriculture for impact.

AgDevCo Holdings Limited has five members; Keith Palmer (AgDevCo’s founder), The (UK) Secretary of State for International Development, Professor Sir Paul Collier; Baroness Lindsay Northover, and James Harvey.

AgDevCo Holdings Members

Relationships with funders around the world

We work closely with domestic and international funders, and with strategic partners (e.g. non-governmental organisations) who help us achieve our investment objectives.

Our Partners

Motivated teams with a shared vision

Find out more about our employees – where they work, what they do and the skills they bring to their roles.

Meet our team

Join us on our journey

Careers We are always looking for talented people to join our teams in London and Africa. Keep an eye out for vacancies across our organisation.


Leading catalyst for change

Today, AgDevCo is a leading catalyst for change in the development of a commercial agricultural sector in sub-Saharan Africa. Trace how we got there from our inception in 2008.

Our History

Promoting good practice

We advise on good environmental, social and governance practices across our investment portfolio and demand strict compliance from our investees. We expect our own practices and controls to be scrutinised as vigorously.

Governance and risk