Pee Pee Tanzania Limited (PPTL)

A regional leader in the production of grain storage bags.

Investment information

Committed investment
Primary value chain focus
Committed investment
Primary value chain focus

Expected impact

Jobs created / maintained
Jobs created / maintained for women
Jobs created / maintained
Jobs created / maintained for women

Our role

AgDevCo’s long-term debt investment into Pee Pee Tanzania Limited (PPTL) will allow the company to expand its manufacturing capacity, including setting up a new dedicated factory for the production of grain storage bags. The storage bags offer smallholder farmers a simple and low-cost way of storing grain and seed without using chemicals to control insect pests. They are durable and can be stored in family homes.

Our investments in Tanzania

Investment Total invested Investment type Start date
Africado - Debt / Equity & Technical assistance2019
East Africa Fruits Farm & Company Limited $400,000Debt / Equity2015
Equity For Tanzania Limited (EFTA) $5,000,000Debt / Equity2015
Kingchick Poultry $255,000Debt / Equity2017
Lungu Limited $320,000Debt / Equity2013
Pee Pee Tanzania Limited (PPTL) $5,000,000Debt / Equity2020
Sasumua Holdings Limited $2,340,000Debt / Equity2012
Suma Hydro Power Project $2,505,000Debt / Equity2016